The Importance of Community Legal Education and Constitutional Literacy Programmes

The Importance of Community Legal Education and Constitutional Literacy Programmes (13:30 to 15:15; Thursday, 24 July 2014)

The importance of community legal education and constitutional literacy programmes. The panel will cover the importance of constitutional literacy in the public service, in universities and at schools.

Does our public service reflect the public service that is envisioned by our Constitution? What effect does this have on the realisation of the rights in the Bill of Rights? The National Development Plan calls for a capable public service, section 195 (1) of the Constitution declares that public service must be governed by the democratic values and principles enshrined in the Constitution. What role will a constitutional literate public service play in creating a capable public service? How can we ensure that the recently launched National School for Government contributes to the creation of a capable, constitutionally literate public service?

A constitutionally literate citizenry is able to better demand accountability from the state. Is it possible to conduct constitutional literacy programs in schools? Is this required by the Constitution and in particular the right to basic education? What is the current state of the school curriculum when it comes to human rights education and ensuring that school children are constitutionally literate? What improvements would you suggest? How can learners become involved in trying to turn this situation around and engage with the Constitution themselves at schools in addition to ensuring the school curriculum is changed?

Organiser: SLSJ

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