Registration 2014

Registration for PILG 2014 is now closed. When it was open, you could fill in the form pasted below on this page to register!

If you have any queries, please contact us through the contact page. While we will not be turning unregistered attendees away, please be aware that space may be limited and will be prioritized to registered participants if necessary.

In the meantime, take a look at the proposed panels for PILG 2014: Proposed Panels PILG 2014

13 comments on “Registration 2014

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  3. Hi
    I know I missed the deadline but i just wanted to know if it is still possible to register; I would like to attend on both days.

    From: Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute


  4. Hi Jonathan
    Is registration already closed for July 2014? It says on the top of this page that registration is not yet open but it is already the end of June 2014.

    • Hi Ahmed
      Registration is still open for July 2014. It will be great if you and others can attend.

      • Hi! I am an Indian national and want to attend this panel discussion. Am I eligible to attend it and what about financial expenses incurred for attending this panel discussion?

      • All nationalities (and even stateless persons!) are welcome.
        Unfortunately, there are no financial resources to assist with attendance.

    • Yes, of course. Please bring your own lunch or purchase on campus as you will not be registered with a box lunch. But just come to the sessions that you wish to attend. Jonathan

  5. Dear Johathan,

    Could you please register my colleague (F Mohamed) and I (Q Saal) from the SAHRC for both days. We will make our own lunch arrangements.

    Kind regards,
    Q Saal

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